Thursday, August 2, 2012

Criminally Negligent Medical Tourism Dentist in San Jose Costa Rica - Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo - "Implant And Cosmetics Solutions"

Doctor Alberto Coto calvo was the dentist. He broke Kimberly's tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care. He left Kimberly with half the teeth in her mouth open margin ( the crowns are popped off her teeth ). He screwed up Kimberly's bite so badly that she now suffers from severe TMJ, can't eat or speak properly and lives is constant pain on a daily basis.  The cost to fix Kimberly bite alone is $35,000 ( which she doesn't have ) plus thousands more for additional root canals that she needs because of Doctor Coto's negligence.

Kimberly has been told by several American dental specialist that her teeth will start falling out one by one from all the open margins. No American dentist will give Kimberly dentures when she becomes toothless because she has a seizure disorder. Dentures can slip during a seizure and could cause Kimberly to choke to death. Therefore, no American dentist will risk her life.

Kimberly was almost charged with a felony for complaining publically about her botched dentistry abroad. ( no freedom of speech in costa Rica ). Kimberly fled Costa Rica immediately and was fortunate that she wasn't thown in a Costa rican prison.

Doctor  Alberto Coto Calvo ( also know as Doctor Coto ) runs an international Medical Tourism practice with mainly American, Canadian and some European patients. Like most scam artist, Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo has since changed his business name and location in Costa Rica. He now works in Rohrmose San Jose Costa Rica at the Rohrmose Medical Center.
When Kimberly was butchered by Doctor Coto his business name was High Tech Dental Clinic. As of  now  ( August 2, 2012 ) we know that Doctor Coto's companies name is IMPLANT AND COSMETICS SOLUTIONS.
Beware, Doctor Coto could change his location and business name over and over again. He could also possibly work under another dentists name as well. He will offer reffrences as he did with Kimberly. Beware, many people were fooled into thinking that Ted Bundy was a great guy too !

Kimberly's story is very powerful and something anyone considering medical tourism should watch.. It not only covers her heart wrenching nightmare but, also your lack of legal rights when you are butchered abroad. Kimberly is willing to send anyone considering medical tourism a copy of her medical reports in an effort to stop this from happening to other trusting Americans,Canadians and Europeans.